The Moderna range

The Moderna range - Gretta, Klaus, Mindy & Handel fit perfectly into modern and contemporary home designs with its emphasis being portability, adaptability and functionality.

Model Handel: Fits Wardrobes up to 2400m. Cost $349.00*

Model Klaus: Fits Wardrobes up to 1800mm. Cost $159.00*

Model Gretta: Fits wardrobes up to 18oomm. Cost $171.00*

Model Mindy: Fits wardrobes up to 2400mm. Cost $319.00*

Need more space at anytime, simply add a shelf.

Need more hanging rails, simply add as required.

Want a set of sliding baskets to store your garments, just add.

Want to change the layout of your wardrobe, just do it, anytime.

Want your wardrobe to look great, it will with Moderna.

When you shift to your next house take it with you.

We will produce your chosen plan to fit the dimensions of any wardrobe. “Very Quick and easy to install”

Made from only the highest quality materials, Moderna will be a part of your wardrobe for many years to come, giving years of satisfaction and presentation.

Available with White, Golden Sand or Burnt Oak Melamine Shelves

* Props and accessories are not included. Sets of Ventilated Baskets and Drawer system are not included in price offers but are available as an add on. 

Cost includes Supplied to your size specification and GST

Plus our super low cost freight rates mean we can ship to almost every New Zealand location.