Sectional Sliding Doors

Sectional Sliding Doors

Sectional Panel Doors are an easy way of making doors for oversize door heights and also providing for doors where more than one type of panel is required in each door. If your door opening is greater than 2400mm High then the best option to fit the opening is Sectional Doors.

Sectional doors can be produced in a wide variety of options and allow you to reflect colour options that best compliment your interior designs.

Sectional doors can be made to fit openings up to 3000mm high.
And up to 4800mm wide.

Priced from $995.90 for double doors
up to 2400mm(H) x 2400mm(W)

Features include

100% Quality Aluminium frames and Tracks.

Internal Bottom Wheels that feature long life Nylon wheels.

Each door has two sets of double wheels which assist even the largest door to glide effortlessly
Doors can be supplied as Double, Triple and Quad sets.

Panel choices; include Mirror Glass, Melamine, and MDF panels.

Priced from $995.90 for a set of Double Doors.

You can order on line and we freight to most main destinations. Due though to carrier restrictions it may be difficult to send doors to some locations.

Freight costs vary depending on location.