Manufacturing Quality and Standards Policy

At Wardrobes Wardrobes Direct we take every effort to produce Best Quality and Best Value ranges of Wardrobe Organisers and Sliding Doors.

All of our plans and designs are based on Modular systems. We cannot take responsibility for situations where wardrobe fit outs are in a location where the walls or floors are not true, level or out of plumb.

We will make every effort to install our system to the best effect; however, we build wardrobes not houses. We take no responsibility to perform remedial work to houses that are a result of poor workmanship or walls and floors that have moved over time.


Prices quoted are valid for a period of 90days from the date stated. Generally quotes are exclusive of gst unless stated.

All products are as per our advertised or stated specifications. These are subject to change where we believe improvements are made or where changes are required to achieve specific customer needs.

All our products carry a full replacement warranty against faulty manufacturing. This warranty does not cover abuse or misuse. Replacement is made in Good Faith and is at the discretion of Wardrobes Direct.

Quality Guarantee
All products are made to Wardrobes Directs high standards. All parts and components are sourced from reliable and specialist suppliers. Processing and assembly is carried out in our own factory. Should a product not meet our Quality Standards it will be supplied at No Charge

Building and Alterations
Wardrobes Direct supplies products that are designed to be installed into specific areas designed for the installation of wardrobe systems and sliding doors. Wardrobes Direct takes no responsibility for walls and surfaces that are not plumb, level and square and may therefore impede the effective operation or installation of their products. In the case of wardrobe Sliding Doors we strongly suggest that doors are fitted to a hard flat level surface. Any cutting or alteration to carpets or floor coverings to achieve that purpose is the responsibility of the customer. Wardrobes Direct supply a 9mm floor packer where required, but are not responsible where a level surface cannot be achieved.

All locations where installations are required must be accessible and clear of clothing and other fixtures. Installation is not part of the quote unless specifically stated and costs for installation are quoted.

We require 50% deposit when an order is placed and the balance must be paid 24hrs before delivery or installation.


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